Tea Tasting at Cafe Zoe


So, I guess I’m supposed to take lessons in Time Management because I have so much to do and I am finding it very difficult to juggle between blogging and studying! {Did I mention I have less than 6 days for my University exams? } *bites nails nervously*

But for now, I’m not gonna bore you with all the soppy melodrama of college life. Because I’m sharing my experience at the tea tasting event that I was sooooooo excited about! 😀

I know I’m 2 weeks late but I am so excited ! I hope your gonna enjoy this too!

So, this event was organized by Splenda, which is a zero calorie sweetener. And along with that there was this amazing lady – Radhika Batra Shah of Radhika’s Fine teas.


The event began essentially with a tea ceremony. This tea ceremony was, to say the least, a very enriching experience. to out it in Radhika’s words, it was tea from the gardens to our cups. fresh, organic and very very refreshing and if you are someone who cannot do without sugar in your tea, you can get a little healthier and have Splenda instead. Trust me when I say this, a mere pinch is more than enough! It adds instant sweetness without any calories!

My partner is crime, Karishma Shah {Click here to see her blog} and I were sooooo excited for this event that was held in Cafe Zoe, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

There I met another blogger friend Purabi Naha and we 3 have gelled pretty well since! 🙂

The tea ceremony began with a morning tea, called the Longjing tea. The best part about this tea ceremony was that it was served with a food pairing that would go excellently well with the tea in question.


So, this is what this amazing Chinese breakfast tea was served with.


The second one was Oulong tea that is usually supposed to be taken mid-morning when you crave coffee to keep your day going.


Next was the lovely Black rose tea that can be taken right after lunch to calm your digestive system.

This is was served with some delicious cucumber and mayonnaise sandwiches that I devoured in seconds only to realize that I hadn’t clicked any photo! 😛

They also passed around the lovely rosella tea and butterfly tea.


The butterfly tea does not have any distinct flavor and is, as such, flavorless. But, it is used in food colouring as a natural agent. That, in my opinion is sheer genius.

Tea #4 was the sage tea, which I believe was the BEST among all! It had a distinct sage-y flavour that I LOVED.


This was paired with the lovelyyyyy Pepper focaccia LOADED with ooey- gooey melty cheese and the pairing was so perfect, it was UNBELIEVABLE.


You do know what happens when all the courses are done right?



So, this blooming tea was served with this lovely vanilla sponge with a raspberry swirl and a range of mini cupcakes. Ate all 3! 😀 haha


There was a strawberry buttercream, chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache! Karishma and I went nuts over these! 😀


Look at us!!!!!


Looking, smelling, tasting and enjoying the experience!


Time to thank some important people for making this event possible.

Firstly, Splenda, for organizing this amazing event and giving us food bloggers an exciting chance to learn more about exotic, organic, herbal teas.

Radhika of Radhika’s fine teas for her AMAZING collection of organic teas!

and finally the team at The Practice.. especially Shruti Amin and Romil Zaveri. It was truly an exhilarating experience! 🙂

Splenda Chai Trail


2 thoughts on “Tea Tasting at Cafe Zoe

  1. This looks like a fantastic experience, it sounds so fun! I’ve always wanted to go tea tasting, I’d love to eat all that food and drink that lovely tea. Take me with you next time 😉

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