Ginger Ale poached Apple Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese frosting/glaze

ginger ale poached apple cinnamon rolls with cream cheese glaze 009

So, remember I’d attended a bread making workshop  AGES AGO?


The ONE I was wayyyyyyy toooo excited about!!!???

Yeah, I had sooooo much to tell you all about it when BOOM, my life turned upside down as college project deadlines came closer and my University exams even more life like and scarier. And then I got too busy with all the assignments, presentations, studying and all that depressing stuff you do to get good grades that will push you through the next semester? Yes, THAT HAPPENED ! -_-

ginger ale poached apple cinnamon rolls with cream cheese glaze 008

And this little baby was just lost in the ‘PICTURES’ folder somewhere and then I was just randomly looking through all the folders when ginger apple rolls popped before the screen and I was like – YUSSSSS …. YOU EXIST!

And so, this post happened to be the one to end the posts for November! And how fitting!

ginger ale poached apple cinnamon rolls with cream cheese glaze 013

Earlier, I used to make breads that looked and tasted good. But I wasn’t happy with good. I wanted it to be very good! and that’s what happened after attending the bread making workshop at the APB Cook Studio, My dearest Rushina’s masterpiece studio where all the cooking and teaching happens! J

So, it was a 2 hour workshop that taught us how to use yeast in breads and the role of yeast and how the process takes place in a very short, brief format! But that was enough for me! I realized a few mistakes that I used to make earlier, the reason why most of the times, my dough never really rose! L

Okay, so nifty tip #1 {You probably know it and I might end up making a fool of myself, but I learnt this at the workshop} The yeast needs sugar to feed on when it gets activated with warm water. I did not know that! So, every time you take the requires quantity of yeast, you also need to take an equal or slightly less amount of sugar, caster will be fine. Mix it through before adding the warm water.

Nifty tip #2 : Do not add fats right at the beginning since it hampers the activity of the yeast! So, what you do is, first knead the dough as you normally would to develop the glutenwhen you add the yeast. Once you’ve kneaded for a good 5 minutes, add your fats {butter, ghee, oil} and then knead for another 5 minutes!

Is there any particular way you make breads? I would LOVVEEEEE to know! 🙂

So, I came home and couldn’t rally resist the urge to make a loaf to see if it works for me. Started working with the dough around 9-ish at night and finished off with the ready, crusty as ever loaf of brown, wholewheat bread at sometime after 12 am. This is how my loaf came out, that i posted on my Instagram! ^.^

And then it was time for round 2 of baking! Rolls!

Saee . K, who was demonstrating at the studio, made nutella rolls. I had a big basket of fresh, red , shiny apples sitting at the counter staring into my eyes and saying – “Look at meeeee…. pick me, poach me, smash me and stuff me into these fluffy airy rolls!!!!!!”

I’m a sucker for puppy dog faces and when the apples do that, I can’t resist, okay?

I wanted to poach the apples to soften them but had no idea how I’d do that, then my eyes caught a can of ginger ale! Popped the fizzy stuff, poured it into a saucepan, popped a couple of sticks of cinnamon, peeled the apples, cored them and dropped them into the gently bubbling fizzy ginger ale liquid. 20 minutes later, the apple was soft and of mashable consistency. So, there you go, my filling was ready!

ginger ale poached apple cinnamon rolls with cream cheese glaze 027

If you love ginger and apple {and cinnamon of, course} You HAVE GOT TO TRY THESE! Plus, you can also make a delicious cream cheese frosting or glaze to top it! I had a tub of untouched cream cheese sitting there like a vegetable! So i decided to use it!

Here’s the recipe!!

Ginger Ale Poached Apple Cinnamon rolls with Cream Cheese glaze/frosting:

ginger ale poached apple cinnamon rolls with cream cheese glaze 024


200 gms all purpose flour

½ + ¼ th teaspoon dried yeast

Enough water to create a soft dough

2 table spoons salted butter

2 tablespoons caster sugar

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons dark brown muscavado sugar

1 large apple, peeled and cored

1 can ginger ale

2 sticks cinnamon

100 gms cream cheese

50 gms icing sugar

Milk {depending on the consistency of the frosting/glaze you are looking for}


The dough is what you need to begin making first. Use the 1 tablespoon caster sugar with the yeast and soak it in some warm water. Leave it till it bubbles {between 5 and 10 minutes} then add to the flour. Knead till a soft dough forms. Now, take some softened salted butter and the remaining caster sugar and the salt. Cream it on the platform with your fingertips till the colour gets pale. Mix the dough with the butter and knead again till it stops feeling oily and does not stick to the platform. let it prove for about an hour to an hour and 30 minutes.

Begin with the filling. Make the poached apples as explained in the above few paragraphs and then add the dark brown muscavado sugar to the apple mix. Roll out the dough {which will be beautifully risen} and spread this golden brown mix onto the rolled out dough. Now roll it in like how you’d roll a cake and then cut them into small swirls of round doughy apple mix. Place them in a cake tin, slightly apart from each other and let it prove for another hour.

Meanwhile create your cream cheese glaze by beating in the cream cheese and icing sugar and thinning it out based on your liking with milk. You can even add some cinnamon powder to the cream cheese for added flavour.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C and bake in it for about 15-18 minutes.

Do not throw away the poaching liquid. Once the rolls are out, brush the tops and sides with this golden liquid and then spoon the cream cheese mix.

Ginger ale poached apple cinnamon rolls are READAAAAAY! 😀

ginger ale poached apple cinnamon rolls with cream cheese glaze 016


11 thoughts on “Ginger Ale poached Apple Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese frosting/glaze

  1. Sigh wp deleted my las comment 😦 But basically it was me screaming about how much I love these rolls and how wonderfully they turned out!! They look so delicious, I adore that frosting!!
    Oh and I’m happy that you’re back!!! 😀

  2. Love your enthusiasm…and I’m glad you found the pictures to these lovely rolls. I’ve been craving cinnamon rolls lately (which is not usual) and so this may be a sign. Looks great!

  3. Wonderful bread making tips, Samina! Lots of people are so afraid of working with yeast, but it so worth it to make your own bread. I love cinnamon rolls! I’ve never made any myself. I often say I will, but for some reason or another I don’t. I do want to make these just for that frosting 😀 Yum!~ That looks so good hanging down that roll. I’m practical drooling! lol

  4. Cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting – how delicious! I must give this combination a try. I am loving your photos lately too, Samina – fabulous! 🙂

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