Summer Stack In Edible Cups: Cookie Man India Dessert in A Cup

Okay,,,, I know I am 15 days late but here I go…..

summer stack | The Cupcake Confession


I have been incredibly busy with college and can you believe…. WE’VE ALREADY BEEN BOMBARDED WITH PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS!!!

Gosh!!!! I know it is the New Year and I’m already rambling and complaining! But it’s just about 3 months to go and it’s done!


Besides, there is also a MASSIVE news I have to give!

But that’ll have to wait! For now, It’s time for this dessert that I made

So, I had to prepare a dessert from scratch using Cookie Man India’s range of products like cookies, chocolates, cakes, brownies and even ice creams! And this is what I came up with!

summer stack | The Cupcake Confession

Okay, so this dessert is massive and it’s got tooooo many components! But honestly, its really pretty easy!

And there’s also a bit of Molecular Gastronomy that I’ve included in this just because I wanted to! and it sound pretty fancy too + you can make it right at home!


summer stack | The Cupcake Confession



This dessert in a cup aims at including warm summery flavours of lemons and coconuts. It is a fairly simple dessert with a touch of molecular gastronomy for some wow factor. The cup itself is completely edible and lends a very summery overall look to the dessert. Best eaten cold as the ice cream would melt otherwise. To cut through the sweetness, are layers of nutty rosemary spiced brown butter and tangy lemon curd jelly. Enjoy

Cup = chocolate cabbage leaves

summer stack | The Cupcake Confession

Element 1: cookie crust

Element 2: lemon curd jelly

Element 3: coconut ice cream.

Element 4: brownie milkshake caviar

summer stack | The Cupcake Confession


  1. I.    To make the cup:


Cabbage leaves

Dark chocolate



1.)       Tear out the outer leaves of the cabbage that have most veins and leafy design.

2.)       Melt the chocolate in a bowl in a microwave stirring every 15-20 seconds.

3.)       Coat the outside of the cabbage leaf and refrigerate until the chocolate hardens.

4.)       Wait until assembly.


  1. II.  Rosemary spiced Brown Butter Cookie crust:
    1. 6 Cookie man cookies {chocolate chip, shortbread rings}
    2. 25 gms Butter
    3. 1 sprig Rosemary



  1. Place butter and a sprig of rosemary in a saucepan
  2. Heat the butter till it melts
  3. Continue heating till the butter turns brown
  4. Take it off the heat and fish out the sprig of rosemary
  5. Let it cool
  6. In the meantime, crush the cookies. Let some be a fine powder, while some still a little chunky.
  7. Pour the browned rosemary butter over the cookie crumbs.
  8. Take a sheet of parchment paper.
  9. Use a ring mould to maintain the shape of the cookie crust.
  10. Spoon a generous mixture inside. Press using the back of a glass to flatten it out.


  1. III.    Lime Curd Jelly:


1 large lime

1 egg yolk

2 tablespoons caster sugar

Zest of one lime

25 gms butter

1 teaspoon gelatine dissolved in cold water


1.)         Collect the zest and juice of the lime in a bowl and add the egg yolk and sugar.

2.)         Use a hand blender to whisk the mixture until frothy.

3.)         Put it onto heat and use a wooden spoon to mix. It will start thickening over time.

4.)         In a separate bowl, mix powdered gelatine in water and let it bloat up.

5.)         Once your lemon curd mix has thickened {it should coat the back of a wooden spoon}, Take it off the heat and slowly add butter cube by cube and mix until incorporated.

6.)         While the lemon curd mixture is still hot, add the gelatine mix and mix vigorously until all the gelatine crystals have been dissolved. Let it cool down slightly and then fill it in a piping bag.


  1. IV.  Coconut Ice cream:

Use Cookie Man India’s coconut ice cream. Take it out of the freezer and wait till the mix softens slightly. Spoon it into a piping bag.


  1. V.    Assembling the ice cream and lime curd jelly:

First begin with the lime curd and fill it till it until only slightly less than half of the ring mould is empty. Pop into the refrigerator for about an hour till the jelly sets. Then using the coconut ice cream piping bag fill the rest of the mould. You can even use a spatula to flatten the surface and make it even.


  1. VI.  Brownie milkshake caviar {Molecular Gastronomy}:

a. For the brownie milkshake caviar:


1 Cookie Man brownie

1/4th cup milk

½ cup melted dark chocolate

2 tablespoons agar agar noodles

A glass filled with oil

A bowl of cold water

  1. In a blender, pour milk, melted dark chocolate and brownie pieces and blend till milkshake forms.
  2. Take the agar agar noodles and soak them in the milkshake for 30 minutes.
  3. After 30 minutes, heat the milkshake and bring to a boil and then simmer for 10 minutes until the agar agar completely dissolves.
  4. Whiz it in the blender for 10 seconds to mix everything well
  5. Use a syringe to pull in some milkshake.
  6. Drop beads of milkshake into oil
  7. Use a strainer to catch these beads when straining off the oil and transfer the caviar to water to get rid of the oil.



Take the stack out of the fridge and place it over the cabbage leaves. Top with the caviars {brownie milkshake caviar}

Enjoy the delicious cookie man India dessert in an edible cup!








13 thoughts on “Summer Stack In Edible Cups: Cookie Man India Dessert in A Cup

  1. Wow – love the idea of the chocolate leaves- it’s got me thinking about what crazy things I can make chocolate shapes from! That tangy lemon curd sounds soo good- awesome desert 🙂

  2. News? Oooh I cannot wait to hear about it. I hope it’s all fab for you!
    And happy new year to you too, darling! No need to excuse yourself… homework always get to ruin every blog project out there uuugh. But you go, girl! Three months more and you’re done, yay!!!! I’m not done until June :–(
    These cookie cups look delicious and the cabbage thingy is super original! It looks lovely! Thanks for the idea, I can’t wait to try it ;–) What a perfect dessert. It is 100% worth every second of one’s time! xxxx

  3. Samina – these look AMAZING! The chocolate cabbage leaves are adorable, and the finished dessert looks so fancy schmancy! You did a beautiful job. Now come on girl – the MASSIVE news? You can NOT leave us hanging like that! Do tell. Do tell!!!!!! I can’t stand the wait! 🙂

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