Christmas Special #1: Zig-Zag Mince Rolls

mince pie rolls long shot | The Cupcake Confession

IT’S DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is undoubtedly my favourite month of the year and why not? Isn’t everything so cheery and happy at this time of the year?

It’s cold, sometimes freezing cold! But better than the sweltering, unbearable heat! Plus, it’s the Christmas month and it just so happens that I absolutely love love LURRRRRVVVVEEEE Christmas!!!!!

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Ginger Ale poached Apple Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese frosting/glaze

ginger ale poached apple cinnamon rolls with cream cheese glaze 009

So, remember I’d attended a bread making workshop  AGES AGO?


The ONE I was wayyyyyyy toooo excited about!!!???

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Brown Butter and Mango Donuts with a Ginger glaze

doughniuts! 008

Hello people!!!! 🙂

So, today’s post is sadly gonna be short!
I’m flooded with assignments and I look like a frikkin’ ghost! I haven’t slept well in ages!!!!

This past week has been the toughest for me!

My grandmother fell ill and had to be admitted to the hospital! It was the same weekend I watched The Conjuring {FINALLY} in the theatre.

My mom decided to stay with her at the hospital and obviously I wasn’t gonna stay at home ALONE ALL NIGHT with the scenes flashing in my head every single time I close my eyes!

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6 Plait Date, Raisin and Apricot Wholewheat Bread

bread 009


I have been meaning to watch The Conjuring in the theater. It’s like the most talked about film in my class!

I remember, just the other day, My friend Kim watched it with her folks and recommended that I watch it too because it was too awesome and she was too frightened after watching it.

I wasn’t really sure, so I thought I’d watch the trailer and decide for myself.

Now, before I go any further, I’d like you to know the kind of person I am. I watched The Exorcist and The Exorcism of Emily Rose and had trouble sleeping for 15 days straight.

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