Blogger Life # 2: Punjab Grill Winter Menu Review

Winters are ideally my favourite time of the year, mainly because you won’t find me sweating bullets after walking just about 5 steps. Seriously, it is like THE BEST time of the year because I can jump, run, skip  and hop without even a drop of sweat dripping from my forehead.


Maybe I need to to STOP with the sweating story! 😀

The other reason why I love winters is basically because you tend to feel a lot more hungry and that is just perfect for me because I can eat every 5 minutes! 😀 haha

So, when Rutuja Marfatia and Meghna Shah sent me an invite to attend the winter tasting menu at Punjab Grill, I had to agree! I just HAD TO!

The fare here is phenomenal!!! Trust me guys! It is one of the best!

It is essentially, heart Punjabi food cooked in the most traditional way to deliver flavour that warms your heart and soul.

Delicious warm stews, soups and warming kebabs and cutlets are the key highlight of the winter menu.

You absolutely CANNOT MISS the “Kaali Gajar Kaanji” – a matured tangy black carrot juice (Rs. 195/-)

Kaali Gajar _Kaanji_

and the truly delightful “Shakarkandi Kamrakh ki Chaat”- which is apple wood smoked sweet potato and star fruit tossed in sweet and sour tamarin (Rs. 225/-) This was beyond delicious and something I would definitely want to go back for. The smokiness from the apple wood is evident but not overpowering which gives your palate just the right amount of tingle, thanks to the star fruit and tangy tamarind sauce.

Shakarkandi Kamrakh Ki Chaat

There was also a non vegetarian version of the stew called “Kharode ka Shorba”- gently simmered lamb trotter soup tempered with fenugreek(Rs. 225/-)

My non-vegetarian palate begins and ends in chicken and eggs so I obviously did not have this. But my friend who accompanied me to the tasting was beside herself with joy since she was longing for something so meaty and warm for a very long tome. This trotter soup was accompanied by 2 tiny ball sized naans and the delicious burst of cheese that you get as you bite into it is beyond delicious!

Kharode Ka Shorba

Chukandar ke kebab

This image that you see above, is called “Chukandar ke Kebab”- crisp beetroot kebabs, hung curd and pine nut stuffing (Rs. 395/-).

This is MUST HAVE and I totalllly recommend it even IF YOU ARE NOT A BEETROOT person! You will fall in love with this blood reg veggie that has been combined with hung curd and pine nuts. It has a distinct sweetness to it, thanks to the fresh beetroots that made this kebab a real winner for me!

There was also lamb’s brain masala served with bread, that I was happily ready to pass since like I said, I am not a meat person, let alone OFFAL!!!!  But then again, my very reliable friend loved the brain masala and definitely recommends it to you! *double thumbs up*

Apart from that we were also served Tabak Mass”- succulent lamb ribs simmered in fennel flavoured milk, finished on tava (Rs. 575/-), “Methi Chicken Takka”- Char grilled Chicken tikka infused with fresh fenugreek (Rs. 495/-), of which I had the latter and fell in love with how creamy the chicken tikka was and when combined with fenugreek, it just took the tikka to a whole ‘nother level.

Tabak maas.

That is all I could really manage since it was getting late and I had to go back to the other part of the city and with no reliable vehicle to fall back on, my friend and I had to take the local train  at 11 in the night *creeeeeepy*

These are some of the really cool stuff that I missed :

“Sarson da Saag (Rs. 495/-) with “Makkai Tava Roti” (Rs. 125/-), “Bahurangi Biryani”- basmati rice cooked on dum with winter vegetables (Rs.595/-).

Sarson Da Saag with Makkai Tava roti

PUNJAB GRILL DEG “HOT POT” – a Punjab Grill signature Hot Pot with mutton kofta, mutton jus, and winter vegetables (Rs. 695/-).

Punjab Grill Deg _HOT POT_


I MISSED DESSERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

Gurh Wale Chawal

“Gurh Wale Chawal”- jaggery sweetened basmati flavoured with black cardamom & fennel coconut chips, homemade vanilla ice cream (Rs. 225/-), and “Bajre ki Choori”- Grandma Style pearl millet roti and crumble lotus seeds and chiroli nuts (Rs. 225/-).

The creator of this brilliant menu is the amazing Chef : Chef Gurpreet Singh, Brand Chef, Punjab Grill, “The exuberance of flavours from the state has been brought forth in a variety, with an ability to transport and bring back memories of childhood. Keeping the forgotten culinary treasures from the region of Punjab, I have created this special winter menu.”

Chef Gurpreet Singh of Punjab Grill

Here are some additional details that you need to know about Punjab Grill’s newest Winter Menu:

January 10th 2014


 January 13th to January 19th 2014


One word of advice:


PS: A special Thanks to Rutuja Marfatia and Meghna Shah 🙂

Images Courtesy: Tandem PR


Tea Tasting at Cafe Zoe


So, I guess I’m supposed to take lessons in Time Management because I have so much to do and I am finding it very difficult to juggle between blogging and studying! {Did I mention I have less than 6 days for my University exams? } *bites nails nervously*

But for now, I’m not gonna bore you with all the soppy melodrama of college life. Because I’m sharing my experience at the tea tasting event that I was sooooooo excited about! 😀

I know I’m 2 weeks late but I am so excited ! I hope your gonna enjoy this too!

So, this event was organized by Splenda, which is a zero calorie sweetener. And along with that there was this amazing lady – Radhika Batra Shah of Radhika’s Fine teas.


The event began essentially with a tea ceremony. This tea ceremony was, to say the least, a very enriching experience. to out it in Radhika’s words, it was tea from the gardens to our cups. fresh, organic and very very refreshing and if you are someone who cannot do without sugar in your tea, you can get a little healthier and have Splenda instead. Trust me when I say this, a mere pinch is more than enough! It adds instant sweetness without any calories!

My partner is crime, Karishma Shah {Click here to see her blog} and I were sooooo excited for this event that was held in Cafe Zoe, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

There I met another blogger friend Purabi Naha and we 3 have gelled pretty well since! 🙂

The tea ceremony began with a morning tea, called the Longjing tea. The best part about this tea ceremony was that it was served with a food pairing that would go excellently well with the tea in question.


So, this is what this amazing Chinese breakfast tea was served with.

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My experience at the pre-launch party of IFBA 2013 and Masala Library

Warning: Today's post is gonna have MANYYYY PICTURES.
So, if you end up with unsatiable cravings...DO NOT BLAME ME! :D

Exactly 7 days ago, at precisely this time I was getting ready for one of the most happening events that I was gonna attend in my food blogging life ever!

I know I had told you about some events in my last post, but this event totally took me by surprise and at the moment when I was least expecting, an invite popped into my inbox and Mr. Sameer Malkani of Food Blogger’s Association India invited me for a pre-launch party for the IFBA 2013 blogging awards and the most happening place in the’burbs Masala Library, which was to open doors to the people the following day!

Was I happy? Totally.


Don’t judge me, it was a huge moment for me! 😉 🙂

Did you think I was gonna think twice before agreeing? I read the mail and ran to my wardrobe to pick out some stuff for the partaaaay!

And when I reached the place? Man, I was blown away!!!!!!!

Okay I gotta riddle for you!

What happens when you take Indian inspired food, add an international twist to it and wrap everything into this wonder called MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY!?





Okay, I’ll tell you!


So, I’m sure you wanna know the amazinggggggggg food I had there, don’t you?

It was in true words, a GASTRONOMIC CELEBRATION!

From an assortment of meats and veggies, to poppadom servced with various dips! Gahhhhddd!!! I salivate just at the though of it!

So, I’m gonna take you on a picture journey and make you salivate too.

‘Cause I’m evil like that! 😀

{Evil Laugh}

different types of poppadoms with 8 different kinds of dips

{the Wasabi one was my favouriteeeeee}


An assortment of nuts {cashews and almonds} in a salty, sweet, tangy spice powder.


spiced nuts

This here is a spicy paneer {cottage cheese} in a lovely tangy-spicy sauce on a crisp pastry base.


A spicy mutton gravy on a lovely mini-paratha


A lovely pesto kebab on the side with a Parmesan crisp! Ohhhhh YUMM!

The two stuffed flat breads  {parathas} : One’s corn and the other’s mushroom.

There were two more in the non-vegetarian category {Prawn and egg}


The first time I ever ate crabs!

The soft shell crab 65! the pink pearls you see there? They are pink peppercorns!!! They are amazingly subtle and not spicy. Amazing !



My friends is something so unique I lovedddd the idea behind it!

Lemme try to explain.

dahi papdi chaat

This right here is a sphere of yogurt and has an amazing blend of chaat spices and some tamarind chutney. It’s topped with some gram flour vermicelli and a pomegranate seed. Then, there is this lovely crisp rectangular pastry.

The yogurt needs to be kept cold at all times… so guess what they did?

Yeah, I’ve got a .gif for that! 😀 {No biggie. just sayin’}


So, its a shot glass… You need to pop that spehere in your mouth and then there is a bursttttt of flavours in your mouth! Soooo fabulous! I couldn’t resist it!


NOWWWWWW DESSERTSSSSS!!!!!! Ahhhh No meal is complete without ’em, right?

This right here is called the ghevar cheesecake.

ghevar cheesecake

This is sooooo creative!!!

It’s called the jalebi caviar with a saffron foam and pistachio dust!


caviar jalebi

THIS RIGHT HERE is the dessert platter

dessert platter

There’s a paan pasand candy floss and a mishti doi lollipop!!

So, I’m sure I have taken you on a culinary journey already!

If this was just a glimpse of what this heavenly place has to offer? Imagine the lovely fair that they’ll have eh?

Head over to Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra… This is their Facebook page..Go LIKE and make your reservations today!

Finally, Imma end this post with A BIGGGGGGG THANK YOU TO MR. SAMEER MALKANI FOR ACTUALLY INVITING ME TO THIS LOVELY PLACE! FBAI is India’s largest community of food bloggers and food stylists, writers and all things food. Go LIKE their Facebook Page NOW and bring out the foodie in you



How to make Puff Pastry – a step-by-step .gif guide

mince pastry 012


I hope you guys remember the .gif tutorial that I had promised for this amazing buttery, crisp layered puff pastry!

Here I am, bringing you a simple guide to make the puff pastry!

It’s a short post but I’m compensating for it by posting an amazinggggggg breakfast recipe in a bit!

So, all the ingredients for this puff pastry can be found HERE!

Looking for some ideas to use this puff pastry??? POP IN HERE  and you will enjoy it! {I hope}


This is suchhhhh an amazing recipe! and very very versatile! You can use it for making puff pastry parcels with a spicy meat or veg filling, you could add something sweet like just plain dark chocolate chunks {heaven}, mille fuilles and sooooooo many things! You can even make a galette with it! {Oh My God, yeah! That’s a good idea, isn’t it?}

So, here’s what you do….

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Brown Butter and Mango Donuts with a Ginger glaze

doughniuts! 008

Hello people!!!! 🙂

So, today’s post is sadly gonna be short!
I’m flooded with assignments and I look like a frikkin’ ghost! I haven’t slept well in ages!!!!

This past week has been the toughest for me!

My grandmother fell ill and had to be admitted to the hospital! It was the same weekend I watched The Conjuring {FINALLY} in the theatre.

My mom decided to stay with her at the hospital and obviously I wasn’t gonna stay at home ALONE ALL NIGHT with the scenes flashing in my head every single time I close my eyes!

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6 Plait Date, Raisin and Apricot Wholewheat Bread

bread 009


I have been meaning to watch The Conjuring in the theater. It’s like the most talked about film in my class!

I remember, just the other day, My friend Kim watched it with her folks and recommended that I watch it too because it was too awesome and she was too frightened after watching it.

I wasn’t really sure, so I thought I’d watch the trailer and decide for myself.

Now, before I go any further, I’d like you to know the kind of person I am. I watched The Exorcist and The Exorcism of Emily Rose and had trouble sleeping for 15 days straight.

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How to make Salted Caramel Sauce – No Sugar {With step-by-step .gifs}

How to make Salted Caramel Sauce - No Sugar

Helloooo lovelies,

Okay, so I absolutely cannot begin to explain how amazing the weather is!

Well, what the hell, Let me make an effort!

The sky is almost a deep, dark gray. Needless to say, the dark background has brought out the green of the trees and the whole atmosphere has suddenly become so sleepy!


All I wanna do right now is curl up on my soft, cosy bed, wrap myslef in a nice warm blanket and sleep …sleep and SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!

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