Spiced Chicken Mince in Homemade Puff Pastry

mince pastry 012


So in one word, I AM ‘EXHAUSTED’ !!!!

Just when I start to relax and think, ‘Okay, Samina!!!! Things are gonna be good now! You can sleep, watch VH1, read your favorite food blogs, work on a recipe and spend the whole day just lazing around when BAM!!! out of nowhere and I literalllly mean OUT OF NOWHERE, I am like this LITERALLY!!!!

Reason, you ask????

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Crispy Chicken Spring Rolls

spring roll 022

Hello there people!!!

I CANNOT believe it’s been over a week 2 weeks since I last posted!

Well, I’m soooo glad that you guys liked my Pink Lemonade macarons!!!

My college schedule is ridiculously hectic and to top it off, I’ve been included in the defaulters’ list!

Umm… I was really under the impression that we can skip 2-3 lectures in a week!!

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